Teacher Pipeline Project Announces that Spring Quarter Classes will be Delivered Online


Enrollment for the Teacher Pipeline Project spring term is open!

The program bundles community college courses with additional support like meals, child care, loaner laptops, tutoring and more – all at no cost to students.

Click here to visit the Community Equity Collaborative website to sign up and find more information. More details about the program, are also included below.

IMPORTANT: Coronavirus Update

Due to the Coronavirus, courses will launch with online delivery.  This program, made possible through a variety of partners, including local school districts and non-profits, will continue to provide wrap-around virtual support and community connection.  Click here to visit the Community Equity Collaborative website for more information.  More details about the program are also included below.  

What is the Teacher Pipeline Project? 

The program bundles community college courses with additional support like meals, child care, loaner laptops, tutoring and more – all at no cost and in convenient locations.  

Is it really free? 

This program is designed to be ZERO COST to you.  Classes, books, child care, weekday dinners, Saturday morning snacks, loaner laptops, and even tutoring are all FREE.  

Is it too late to join? 

Anyone can join at any time during the enrollment periods. Even if you haven’t been part of the Teacher Pipeline Project during prior terms, you are welcome to join now! Because these classes fill to max capacity very quickly, it is encouraged that both new and current students register as soon as possible.  

How is it different from Foothill? 

It IS Foothill! You are a Foothill student with the added bonus of free tuition plus resources to help you succeed and connect with opportunities in early learning careers. All of the partners in this program, from the Boys and Girls Club to local school districts and other community groups work together.  

Why was the program started?

We believe that early childhood education is extremely important for children and families, as well as our broader communities. There is a severe shortage of early care and learning providers in the Bay Area. Community Equity Collaborative is working to not only address this local need but also identify creative solutions that can be applied more broadly.   

Will I get a certificate? 

Yes, all students will receive a certificate of participation from Community Equity Collaborative at the Graduation Ceremony & Celebration that will be held on the last day of class. If you have questions about these certificates college or licensing and permitting requirements, please contact the Child Development Department Chair at Foothill College, Nicole Kerbey

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