Logo Arrangements

1.1 Logo Arrangements

The logo allows for multiple arrangements. Note the proper arrangement and proportions of each configuration—kindly allow for breathing room and refrain from deviation.


Full Logo

The full logo includes the Lightbulb, the Name, and, importantly, the Descriptor. The full logo is used to distinguish between Good2Know Network and Good2Know Partners. Good use cases include: website, business cards, email newsletter, flyers, and pamphlets. 

G2K Network logo.png

G2K Partners logo.png



This alternate logo is good for use in smaller spaces where we don’t have enough room for the full logo to be legible, or where we don’t need to clarify between Good2Know Network and Good2Know Partners. Good use cases include social media profile photos, as a sponsor logo on posters, and on other people’s website (e.g. when speaking at a conference). 

G2K logo.png


The Lightbulb

The lightbulb is unique, recognizable, and strong. In certain circumstances, the lightbulb can be used on it’s own. The lightbulb should always be displayed in the three brand colors, blue, green, and yellow. Good use cases include places where the other brand information will be obvious with context: favicon of the website, slide decks, as a “watermark” on presentation materials, and anywhere that needs a little flair. 


G2K Logo - LightBulb.jpg