Encouraging Story Time at Home

Not every new parent knows how important it is to read to their child. You can help parents engage in this foundation-building activity by providing gentle encouragement. For example:

  • Let them know if  their child enjoys one of the books that you read aloud, and offer to lend the book to them for bedtime reading.

  • Parents for whom English is a second language might appreciate a picture book that allows them to “read” a story and point out pictures in their home language.

  • Suggest that the parents bring a child’s favorite book from home that can be read to help them feel connected to the classroom to help their child feel at home.

For more information to share with parents…

  • Check out Zero to Three’s article, How to Introduce Toddlers and Babies to Books, a parenting article that details research-based tips on how to share books “to maximize the joy and learning of book-reading and to nurture a lifelong love of books.”

  • Watch Vroom’s Fun with Stories video that shares tips on how to make story time engaging, fun, and meaningful.


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