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  • October 11, 2019

    Young Children and Conflict Resolution

    Preschool is a time when children acquire important foundational skills that they will carry with them into elementary school and beyond. In addition to learning academic concepts, children also learn social-emotional skills that help them resolve conflicts with peers. As caregivers and educators, it is our job to give children the tools to resolve conflicts when they arise.

  • February 7, 2019

    Tantrums and Challenging Behavior in Early Childhood

    Challenging behaviors might feel all-too-familiar to many early learning professionals. Rutgers University’s Boggs Center on Child Development defines challenging behavior as a “persistent pattern of behavior, or perception of behavior [that] interferes with or risk of interfering with optimal learning [or] engagement in pro-social interactions” and reports that about 1/3 of preschool age children engage in persistent patterns of challenging behavior.

  • January 31, 2019

    Understanding Separation Anxiety

    Although separation anxiety is a very normal part of child development, it is still stressful… for children, parents, and caregivers. When children feel sad or anxious, it is important for us to have a clear understanding of what is going on in order to properly support their needs. With this understanding, we can create a plan with children and their parents that supports each child’s individual transition process.

  • January 4, 2019

    Cleaning Up with Early Learners

    Cleaning up is an important part of classroom routine. It represents respect and care for the shared space that you and the children spend so much time in together. When children are encouraged to be a part of the cleaning process, they also begin to take ownership and accountability for the materials they use during play. However, our expectations must be in line with a child’s capability.

  • November 8, 2018

    How to Support a Toddler Who Bites

    Biting is one of the most common toddler behaviors. While it may feel frustrating, challenging, and sometimes even worrisome, there are ways to support a toddler through this behavior.

  • November 7, 2018

    Janet Lansbury’s No Bad Kids

    This book delves into topics such as tantrums, testing boundaries, and punishment to explore how we can respond to children with patience and understanding to to ensure that they feel heard and loved.